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Scenarios tagged: java

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play Turtle Beached
plays 595 / votes 0

Turtle Beached

by naturevsmachine, 2023/3/14

Escape the Beach!

plays 1620 / votes 3


by iamaamna, 2020/5/26

A fun and interactive game of Monkey and Banana. The monkey here eats the banana and if it hits the bomb, the game is over.

play Java Typer
plays 1545 / votes 1

Java Typer

by JathOsh, 2019/9/24

Practice your java syntax!

play Baby game Level 1
plays 1135 / votes 0

Baby game Level 1

by ninjajumper12, 2018/11/19

play Seal Game!
plays 1524 / votes 0

Seal Game!

by e_expert, 2017/6/19

Try to eat all the fish before they reach the wall!

play Simple Shooter Game
plays 8327 / votes 0

Simple Shooter Game

by Hyua, 2016/5/24

Simple Shooter Game

play 4.1.1 (Car)
plays 2209 / votes 1

4.1.1 (Car)

by tnz12345, 2016/3/12

The car can be moved.

play TripleH
plays 24391 / votes 39


by Herman, 2011/7/4

Move, jump and collect. Beware of the hens!

play SortingProjectUpdated
plays 1925 / votes 0


by spanayi, 2014/3/14