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Scenarios tagged: click

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play Shepherd
plays 121 / votes 1


by Quatters, 2020/6/18

Try yourself as shepherd!

play Point and Click
plays 5898 / votes 15

Point and Click

by erimaxbau, 2009/8/29

Just point and click to try to get the milk and cookies!

play The Entity
plays 1111 / votes 0

The Entity

by meazalplaq, 2014/12/3

Mouse Point and Click Horror Game

play Short Puzzles
plays 1294 / votes 0

Short Puzzles

by Lorac134, 2013/5/27

This is a project for my graphics programming class.

play Danny First Game
plays 3054 / votes 0

Danny First Game

by dannymaster92, 2009/5/28

First game

play Vehicle Defense
plays 1821 / votes 0

Vehicle Defense

by kanek, 2011/9/26

Stop the vehicles from reaching the left side of the game by left-clicking them.

play java clicker
plays 468 / votes 0

java clicker

by myusername, 2018/9/21

play the ten second click
plays 2183 / votes 1

the ten second click

by tylers, 2012/7/1

how many times can you press the button.

play Alphabets
plays 78 / votes 2


by Nalini_D, 2020/5/26

This is an alphabetic program.