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Scenarios tagged: adventure

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play Pirate Strike!
plays 2608 / votes 2

Pirate Strike!

by JellyBlobsofDoom, 2013/1/22

Use bullets to kill surrounding bombs! [FINAL]

play fector
plays 3835 / votes 8


by Codybean1, 2013/1/10

A puzzling adventure inside a mad calculator!

play Zombies!
plays 3289 / votes 1


by EpicAlbino, 2012/7/14


play The Legend of Zelda
plays 6541 / votes 3

The Legend of Zelda

by MattK, 2012/5/11

Play through an homage to the original NES game, The Legend of Zelda! Complete with original dungeon!

play KnightsAdventures
plays 2022 / votes 1


by diegr14, 2012/5/8

An epic adventure game for hardcore gamers!

play Ant Attack
plays 2973 / votes 0

Ant Attack

by Harkins01, 2011/3/16

Kill the ants

play TempleRunner
plays 5777 / votes 6


by Laurelinad, 2010/3/9

TempleRunner v.0.09

play Stickman Adventures
plays 5692 / votes 1

Stickman Adventures

by franl, 2010/6/10

Guide Stickman through a series of tricky levels.

play Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.
plays 3916 / votes 0

Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.

by TeamAwesome, 2010/6/5

When the world as we know it ends...will you survive?