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Scenarios tagged: adventure

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play Underwater Treasure Hunt
plays 500 / votes 0

Underwater Treasure Hunt

by geoapos, 2024/4/15

It's an underwater treasure hunting adventure where you collect treasures, avoid fish collisions, and manage oxygen levels to score points within a limited time.

play Bring Me Water (Chrome Only)
plays 411 / votes 0

Bring Me Water (Chrome Only)

by erlesha, 2023/12/23

Being a brother is hard Are you a good brother?

play Lost Dragon
plays 157794 / votes 8

Lost Dragon

by Masdeppp, 2023/10/18

Help Yu Zhing to go home

play The Miner's Siege
plays 162082 / votes 9

The Miner's Siege

by itsmedapri, 2023/10/17

Using frames from Spritefoot in Timed animation

play Lumi The Cat
plays 169075 / votes 10

Lumi The Cat

by Alovegardasvara, 2023/10/16

Help Lumi find her way to home

play The Adventure of Super Benji
plays 171730 / votes 26

The Adventure of Super Benji

by alfathroziqq, 2023/10/16

The goal of the game is to save the princess from the wizard

play Mr.Mouse Chapter-2
plays 1186 / votes 0

Mr.Mouse Chapter-2

by sashvanth, 2022/10/1

finish the maze to the final boss

play Mr.Mouse Chapter1
plays 1126 / votes 1

Mr.Mouse Chapter1

by sashvanth, 2022/7/21

play Jungle Warrior II
plays 1277 / votes 0

Jungle Warrior II

by VasikleLupas, 2022/3/24

Enter the jungle, fight the monsters, the goblins, the animals, discover the hidden treasure, and save yourself!