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Scenarios tagged: addicting

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play Vehicle Defense
plays 1286 / votes 0

Vehicle Defense

by kanek, 2011/9/26

Stop the vehicles from reaching the left side of the game by left-clicking them.

play Bio-Defense V1.0 (pre-release)
plays 939 / votes 0

Bio-Defense V1.0 (pre-release)

by RufusBarbarossa, 2013/7/5

A Tower Defense game featuring the immune system

play Hi-Q
plays 17938 / votes 36


by Herman, 2009/5/13

Hi-Q is an easy to play solitaire game.

play Code Geass: Factions
plays 4044 / votes 1

Code Geass: Factions

by Chinnc, 2009/5/19

Blow the cockpit out of the enemy mechas!

play Mars Patrol
plays 5444 / votes 6

Mars Patrol

by Cash_Cash, 2009/5/10

Classic Arcade Game: "Mars Patrol"

play CrazyBoxes
plays 3797 / votes 10


by Opalelement, 2008/11/7

Try to fill in all of the boxes!