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3D engine preview

This is a very early sneak peak of a 3D engine in greenfoot. Is is essentially a 'port' of an OpenGL engine for greenfoot, so it is slower and looks less awsome (I just can't implement the features that make it look more awsome).

It is far from finished, I just wanted to show what I was working on.

The controls are:
- wasdqe to move the object
- arrow keys to move the light source
- click to change from normal drawing mode to wireframe, and vice versa

For you real graphics-nerds, these are some of the (current) features:
- Full depth buffer support
- Blinn-phong shading for diffuse and specular reflection
- Gouraud and flat shading (gouraud shown)
- Wireframe mode
- Deferred rendering
- Backface culling
- Clipping
- .obj file loader: both for meshes and materials

Some things I'm going to work on:
- Physics
- Audio player (not using the default greenfoot library, but something more complex like the trail library)
- Shadows? (I'm really not sure. It depends on many frames per second I have to spare)

I hope you like it, and please tell me what I could improve upon!

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Cool, if you could somehow make this run smoother that would be pretty awesome!


Well, it's quite hard to optimize. Switching to deferred rendering was a big improvement, but now it looks like it will hit a ceiling of performance close in the future... I'll do my best!
Can't wait!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Nov 16 15:10:38 UTC 2013 Better screenshot


Wow....... that's... amazing!


Thanks a lot man!


Hey, how did you detect the FPS?


I used mjrb's scenario:


Wow! Very creepy and cool. I want to see this with a unicorn :D

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