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Scenarios tagged: userinfo

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play screenSize
plays 2102 / votes 2


by Yehuda, 2017/5/5

UserInfo tests. Now it has my custom made Scores class.

play screenSize (relocated)
plays 1205 / votes 0

screenSize (relocated)

by Nosson1459, 2017/1/30

Relocated to:

play UserInfo Tracker
plays 1186 / votes 0

UserInfo Tracker

by NikZ, 2015/5/3


play Polls 17
plays 1314 / votes 0

Polls 17

by NikZ, 2014/11/19

Vote for Challenge 17

play Passwords
plays 1263 / votes 0


by NikZ, 2014/9/10

Save a password!

play FLASH
plays 1313 / votes 0


by Tristan365, 2014/5/22

A cool scrolling game

play Ithilial - A Roguelike
plays 2651 / votes 3

Ithilial - A Roguelike

by Kytuzian, 2014/2/11

A classic roguelike game, with permadeath and procedurally generated levels.

play Residents
plays 8844 / votes 20


by bourne, 2013/12/30

Customize property to share with fellow Greenfoot members. And unlock new items.

play Two Player UserInfo
plays 3580 / votes 4

Two Player UserInfo

by bourne, 2014/1/9

Beta: A reusable utility for onsite user 2-player games. Provides user online status, opponent selection, client communication, etc.