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Well, I hadn't made a complete game in a while so I decided to take the cards demo I posted a bit earlier and make a fully fledged card game with it. The result - solitaire!

There's many different variations of this game, this is quite an easy one. You draw one card from the deck at a time (often it's a case of drawing three cards) and you can start piles of cards off with any value (sometimes it's just a king.) If you do want to be a bit tougher, you can change the relevant global variable in the Piles class so you can only put kings down on blank piles!

Apart from that, it's the usual rules. Build up stacks of cards going down in alternating colour at the bottom, and win by building each suit up individually (aces first) at the top.

- Sound added
- Performance should be a bit better
- Can now add cards onto stacks by double clicking

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Nicely done sir, this is an impressive game! Would you like to host this game on ? You can make the whole world see what you and greenfoot could do ;)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Apr 25 14:38:26 UTC 2009


niceee ! there is a bug! not a greenfoot bug, the game bug only king can take the free card slot! but this no


i made it at the first play btw :D


There's loads of different versions of solitaire, sometimes they can and sometimes they can't. I left it this way because it was easier for me to test above all else, but if you want piles to just start with kings you can download it and set the relevant constant in Piles to be true (I think it's the only constant in that class so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it!)


@mjrb4, please reply to my post and tell me if you are interested or not about hosting your game, i need a reply please, if you dont want the just tell me no, Thanks very much


Hi mastermind, you're welcome to put the game on your site if you want to - just download the source and then you can export to an applet :-)


Ok thanks very much mjrb, i will be giving you full credit for your work of course and i will add a link to your profile here if you want, and if you like to be a staff member at our site it would be my pleasure :)


I don't think he knows who you are lol...


Thank you for this card game. I want to make an inspiring game too!

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