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dlanni presents ...


Lana's House

Use arrow keys to move.

L-Click mouse on objects to interact. ie, to OPEN and CLOSE DOOR or TURN RADIO on or DRINK WINE

Paint order, collision detection, animation and 4 levels so far.

Left and Right bedroom exits working.
RE-enter house from outside via left-side of screen.

Next, I will work on scaling Level1 after player chooses
to drink wine. Also, I'll make it possible to re-enter house
more naturally.
See README and Word doc "User Instructions".

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Tags: game with-source cabrillo

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There's a bug in your Lana class, line 54: walkL2 = new GreenfootImage("walkL2.png "); There is a space at the end of the filename. That's why it doesn't work!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed May 23 17:47:35 UTC 2012 Wine drinking added. Shrinking doesn't happen, yet. Re-enter house by going thru bushes on right to doorway. All other exits and re-entries work correctly. Updated README and Word doc, 'User Instructions'.


Thanks Davmac--fixing it now.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed May 23 18:00:13 UTC 2012 Fixed Walk Left annimation.


Wow--it works! Thanks Davmac.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu May 24 09:21:13 UTC 2012 CheckLevel code works much better, thanks to Danpost. Removed a lot of junk code. Now you can only re-enter house via left side of outdoor.


I am re-visiting this foray into programming. This was So much fun to learn! I don't know what happened to the front door, though. When I turned it in ( as my final project in Intro to Programming), you had to click on the front door to open it, before you could go outside. Now all you have to do is exit the top of the screen and there you are. I wonder what happened.


I had to click on the door for Lana to exit. That is, it seems to be working properly for me.


Tried it again today, still works like it is supposed to! BTW, welcome back! Also, check out my 'Player Piano' scenario.


This game is really good, @dlanni! Keep up the good work!!!

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