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menu class

The two classes work in tandem to create a drop-down menu. Most of the methods are either used in the world class or in the options menu.

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Tags: mouse demo with-source menu class danpost re-usable drop-down

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but you are good with it so, i think you enjoy and like programming a lot..


in my scenario,,there are problems..but,uuhh..but practice makes perfect ,right?? i need more knowledge about programming although it is difficult,
..@chantal..hmm.yeah..i think its hard..hehe.. ..and i think he's professional at it..
@chantal.. i think thats right..


@diane..yeah i think so too...programming makes my head topsy-turvy..hhahahah yeah,,because he's goooood at it,..i wanna learn more, tooo..hahaha too..=))


Actually, I have had very little formal education in programming; never worked at it professionally. I am pretty much self-taught. I started with GW-Basic and Q-Basic. Had a general course in computer concepts which barely touched on most languages at the time (Cobol, Fortran, Basic, RPG). Dabbled in Assembly on my own. Learned VisualBasic, again, by myself. And for the past couple of years, have been working with Java and Greenfoot (again, on my own). I think that working with VisualBasic prepared me for Java in a way, being it is Object Oriented Programming also. For you guys, the tutorials and videos in Greenfoot are good for learning to work within Greenfoot; however, the Java trail, Learning the Java Language would be where to start as far as programming at all in Java. You can find it at:
..thank you very much..=))


Yeah..thanks a Lot danpost,,,:D
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