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Camera package

This allowes to create camera objects that display a part of the actual world! That means your world can be as big as you want it to be while only showing a part of it on screen. Cameras can be connected to any actors or a certaun location on the map.

IMPORTANT: This is just a demo for the functionality, to use it in your project you have to copy the camera folder into your project folder and import the package! READ THE README FILE IN THE CAMERA FOLDER!!!

SECOND IMPORTANT: This does apparently not work really work online. Click on "open in Greenfoot" to try it out! But: as you can see there is only a part of the world shown!

Feel free to upload scenarios with this included but remember to credit me.

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Tags: game simulation demo big background package moving follow camera addon

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You will have a major issue with grid worlds. The Camera class constructors would take a (20, 20, 60) world and make a Camera of (600, 400, 60) -- much larger than the world it is looking at.


I´ll see if I can fix this Thanks for that comment!

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