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Dolphin Chainsaw Massacre

This is a defense type game where you control a turret and prevent objects falling from the sky from hitting the ground. Try to last as long as possible. You get a chainsaw for every 10,000 points. Red dolphins give you health. Green dolphins act as currency to buy upgrades.

A/D - Rotate left and right.
S - speeds up rotation while held down
W - rotate back to center
J - hold to fire, quickly press to fire a bit faster
E - fire chainsaw (if there is ammo)

P - power upgrade - costs 50 green dolphins
O - ammo upgrade - costs 10 green dolphins
I - laser sight - costs 5 green dolphins (per level)
U - fire rate upgrade - costs 10 green dolphins.

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Tags: game physics with-source gun defense explode bullet vocaloid

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My first greenfoot game. I had to do it for a game design class, but I put a lot of extra effort into it, and would like to improve on it in the future. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Feb 16 14:22:57 UTC 2011 Refined some of the code. Included music (going to test if it's viable and may remove if it goes too slow). Music indicates when levels end by the way, and there are 4 screens in the game, although it continually gets harder.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Feb 18 13:36:39 UTC 2011 Cleaned up code a bit. Took all generic primitives and reduced them to more memory efficient versions.


Well programmed. Pretty bloody game idea, though...


Really well progamed but.... i think somhings wrong with you. its not nice to kill dolphins


Haha pretty strange game idea. Nevertheless, good work. Suggestions: - Make the graphics all relative (there's iron gating on the sides, cartoons compared to real images, pixelated and non-pixelated, etc etc.). - Use space bar as primary or alternative firing method. It's what most gamers are used to. On that note also I'd consider offering arrow keys as an ADDITIONAL alternative to WASD, although I'm not sure how effective that would be while also using the other commands... - Add better and more consistent rewards. Possibly even add rewards for doing a 360 with the turret just so people can push themselves? - I personally thought the turret was too slow and the dolphins were too slow. I ended up increasing the speed of gameplay ever so slightly (maybe by 20% or so) and didn't find it too fast, even after things started getting more difficult.


Oh and on another note, the scenario was slightly too large for my screen. Take this note seriously, as I'm sure it's a large issue for many gamers. The avg. screen res is 1366 x 768 ( Taking into account any toolbars, address bar and tabs bar, as well as the bottom bar which, for most (or a lot) people, is automatically there and not a hover-over kind of thing, this game's still 150-200px too large (estimation) in height. I adjusted my browser zoom, but I'm sure most people won't do that.


I agree with @Phytrix

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