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DonaldDuck presents ...


Super Mario

First of all, if your going to vote for this scenario, search up Biomekanoid Chicken and vote for that. I can't stress enough how much of mutantlegs code has been re-used and edited

So check out mutantleg. He's awesome.

Arcade Mode:
Kill drybones, headbutt or jump on

How many kills can you get?

Classic mode:
Down arrow to enter pipes, other arrow keys to move around. Classic sums it up. Pressing the spacebar with Yoshi results in a tongue-attack. Press space and mouseclick to bring up the level selector, press 2 and mouseclick to bring up the difficulty selector.


Picture Credits:
No Body The Dragon

And, as requested, the source code is included. Check it out, check out mutantlegs profile, and enjoy!

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Tags: game fun with-source mario platform yoshi mutantleg

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Feb 22 04:36:09 UTC 2011 2 new levels. Changed the way the sounds work (Click the speaker to change/disable sound files) Cleaned up a tad bit of the code with hope to reduce load times and lag. This is probably the last update for awhile, the scenario is becoming almost un-compilable.




The menu reminds me of "Just One More Level Too".


As it should MathManiac. The whole game is based off of One More Level Too.


Just noticed that this comment was on this game... The menu is based off one more level too... Super Mario, on the other hand, was not.


That is a lot of content... nice job :) (completed it :p) The only thing you could add is maybe better collision physics (if that makes sense)?


can you explain how you make that menu plz?


Sure. The first screen is just a picture with some click detected areas (if Greenfoot.mousePressed() && mouse.getX()>minx && mouse.getY() >miny && mouse.getX< maxx && mouse.getY() < maxy) The second and third screens just have actors (the pipes) which set the level to a certain level if the player is on it and it pressed the down key


hi, i want to make mario for my final project, but i relly dont have idea for how do that , could you hel me please ? :)


there is a bug in the level with the black boxes that u can push around, the game just stops and is unplayable after you reset it

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