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TeamAwesome presents ...


Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.

When the world comes to a crashing, nuclear-induced halt,
only one thing stands between you and your imminent doom:
a well-placed bullet. Welcome to the P.A.S.

Your goal? Survive 5 minutes in this wasteland...
By any means necessary.



Move the gun with your mouse.

Mouse 1 or 2: Shoot

A: Move Left
D: Move Right
W: Jump

Q, E: Cycle through weapons (forwards + backwards)

Number Keys 1-0: Quick jump to the various weapons.


Dodge and shoot enemies using the above controls.
Run over health and ammo packs to restore health and ammuntion.
Enemies will spawn frequently.
Each enemy has its own special ability, so be prepared for the unexpected.

Watch out for the baby.


Good luck.

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