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Scenarios tagged: side-scroller

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play Infinite Fixed Side-Scrolling SuperWorld
plays 6150 / votes 5

Infinite Fixed Side-Scrolling SuperWorld

by danpost, 2013/3/15

A virtually-infinite side-scrolling superclass for a world created on the go that does not change.

play Fairy FootSteps
plays 9988 / votes 15

Fairy FootSteps

by winnerpig, 2012/4/21

play Save the Princess
plays 3210 / votes 0

Save the Princess

by reixark, 2015/1/9

Simple adventure platforming game Castlevania mix with super mario :)

play Attack_on_Astercore
plays 2431 / votes 0


by Firedudeet, 2014/5/20

Game for College Work.

play Pikachu's Adventure
plays 3974 / votes 1

Pikachu's Adventure

by deviousdalek, 2013/6/12

pokemon side-scroller

play Infection: Os Langeles
plays 4978 / votes 10

Infection: Os Langeles

by CPE123Group1, 2012/12/3

Help Tyrone fight through the zombie infection and save his family!

play Pyramid
plays 3307 / votes 0


by MiniBoBomb, 2012/5/10

A 2D Egyptian-themed side-scroller adventure game

play WWII Shooter Game
plays 7037 / votes 2

WWII Shooter Game

by Jesusgeek94, 2010/2/24

side-scrolling shooter game

play Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.
plays 4264 / votes 0

Post-Apocalyptic Shooter: P.A.S.

by TeamAwesome, 2010/6/5

When the world as we know it ends...will you survive?