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Nice game. But as others have mentioned you can carry the selection buttons on to the final screen. Other than that just needs some more levels.
sorry i didnt clarify that but the "r" button returns you from credits and instructions
I also need to fix player-platform interface and some item locations but for now just ignore it =) Also once you select one of the 2 doors (large black rectangles they lead you nowhere atm. One does nothing the other takes you to a sort of "bonus" level but "Jason" (the main character) isn't there
Hmm thats odd. Didn't even both to check to see if it did but i'll look through my code and see whats going on. If I find nothing I'll just try to re-export.
I tried to have a song play through also but unfortunately it said the file was too large.
Nevermind. I was didnt change the image extension from .gif to .jpg. Spent 1 and a half weeks on it then the dude next to me was like you need to change the extension....
I look at the code and i somewhat understand it. Yet i change something like the dimension (I change it all the way through) it compiles, i look at the scenario and get a gray Run, Act, Pause set and the game is like a 1mm square box. Do you know whats wrong? And the only way to get it back to normal is to delete the class and re-copy original.
Feel free to make any suggestions. All comments are accepted except for trollers.


Great game, but your jumping code makes it too simple. Great idea on the part of if you can see the walls you die.