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I also knew about that trick, but i sorta thought that the game is only fun if you don't play like that. I mean theres really no point in competeing for high scores. However one idea i did have was once you start moving forward you can't stop moving, that'd be fun :-P. Maybe ill alter the game to include different difficulties, just some ideas -Easy : As is now but slightly slower raindrops -Medium : Same as now, no backwards -Hard : Same as medium, but once you go forward you can't stop moving.


Thanks for the responses, i did like the fading effects (although took me awhile, variable types and their creation are still a bit confusing to me, took forever to figure out how to change the font at the end.) I actually meant to include a warning for the leaf but i guess i forgot, maybe ill add that in. The game was also meant to be a shortish game, the final difficulty increase at 100 seconds is sorta meant to be tough enough to finish the game off. Now i have one last question, to update the scenario do i simply export it again?