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Bug Survivor

Added support for WASD controls
So it's been a while since I did this, and since then i've started taking a java class so I thought i'd come back and revise my code. So I did and ugh,
it was bad. So for now i'll admit my laziness got the best of me but i'll probably revise the code in class. For now i've just added WASD support (my left arrow key is broken...)

1. Avoid drops of water
2. Collect Honey Drops for bonus points
3. Collect leafs for a pwoer up. Water drops hurt the leaf while honey drops heal it. It's also on a timer.
4. Game Modes:
4a. Easy - Water drops fall slower
4b. Medium - Water Drops fall at a decent speed, and you can't move backwards.
4c. Hard - Water drops fall fast and once you start you can't stop.
5. Enjoy and have fun!

Any comments, bugs, suggestions can be emailed to me at

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Thanks for the responses, i did like the fading effects (although took me awhile, variable types and their creation are still a bit confusing to me, took forever to figure out how to change the font at the end.) I actually meant to include a warning for the leaf but i guess i forgot, maybe ill add that in. The game was also meant to be a shortish game, the final difficulty increase at 100 seconds is sorta meant to be tough enough to finish the game off. Now i have one last question, to update the scenario do i simply export it again?


Yup, you should notice the export button has changed to "export (update)" in that scenario :-)


To make it a bit more difficult you could disable the ability to go backwards. Currently I just use the up and down arrows and never the left and right. But maybe that is just me....


Dah, someone stole my trick ;)


I also knew about that trick, but i sorta thought that the game is only fun if you don't play like that. I mean theres really no point in competeing for high scores. However one idea i did have was once you start moving forward you can't stop moving, that'd be fun :-P. Maybe ill alter the game to include different difficulties, just some ideas -Easy : As is now but slightly slower raindrops -Medium : Same as now, no backwards -Hard : Same as medium, but once you go forward you can't stop moving.


Sounds good to me!


I got 25.4 seconds (150 points) ... :-(
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Aug 17 21:09:45 UTC 2009


Nice, the difficulty selection definitely gives it a nice added touch!
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Sep 26 19:56:33 UTC 2010

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