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Really nice!
That is not right. i'm on a vacation now in a time zone -6 of my own. the clock emulator says it is 6 hours in front of the actual time. The solution involves something about making a 'new Date()' but i don't know how that works. if you know a good introduction video or something like that, please let me know.
If you want an add-on and also have the same image type as before, say, White, just click on the add-on you want to have and click the 'White' button again.
I have not noticed any problems with other scenarios.
(fixing the problem)
It still won't run when I press the 'run' button. did you release an update?
I thought i hat published it.. i'll just try again.
The game won't run i my browser. Maybe the game throws an exception. I think it might be because the mouse is out of the game's bounds.
If you want the Scoreboard to be in front, just use the method "setPaintOrder()" and insert a "new Actor[]{scoreboard, second, third...}" as a variable lime this: "setPaintOrder(new Actor[]{scoreboard, second, third...})".