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Greenfoot back

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This is awesome!
Nice! it would be nice if the tail grew when you ate something, rather than growing every some time.
Ok guys, if you got an idea on how to improve this scenario or any of my other scenarios, be sure to write a comment. I will then try and make the proposed improvement.
a basic A.I. should just aim at the player and shoot.
nice with the wind feature!
Good game! it would be nice if it was possible to start a new game when the first is won.
the game could be a little more exciting if the rocket could shoot.
To make the ball move, I used the Actor method move(int), but I get your point. to mirror an objects direction I'll just change the angle using the methods i already created.
I made an update fixing the problem a while ago. I thought I had fixed it.. Good thing you said it then! And I will see if I can improve the AI.