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My clock emulator!
Notice that the Clock is set to time zone UTC+1 and summer time. I will release an update fixing the problem.

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Tags: clock time seconds minutes days months chronometer hours years now

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You have reversed the large and the small hand.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Aug 09 12:16:35 UTC 2012


About the wrong timezone, when you use System.getCurrentTimeMillis, you won't have that problem.
That is not right. i'm on a vacation now in a time zone -6 of my own. the clock emulator says it is 6 hours in front of the actual time. The solution involves something about making a 'new Date()' but i don't know how that works. if you know a good introduction video or something like that, please let me know.


If you use Calendar() (which has very similar code to Date()), you will not have a problem. I use Calendar in my tank game and it works perfectly as far as I can tell. All you need to use it is import java.util.Calendar; and the create a new date object: Calendar today = Calendar.getInstance(); and then you can access something, like what hour it is this way: int hour = today.get(Calendar.HOUR);


You could always let the user choose between the 24 time zones, and adjust on choice. Doing that will always make it right. You could also add a button to switch Daylight Savings on and off; but, restrict it to only those time zones that use it.


Another thing: the hour hand stays on the exact number until the next hour arrises. It should pan across from number to number. When it gets close to the next hour, it 'appears' (just looks like) that the time is off an hour.


To fix the hour hand, just add a degree to its rotation every 2 minutes (instead of 30 degrees every hour).

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