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imacat's Scenarios

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play Flappy Bird
plays 28937 / votes 6

Flappy Bird

by imacat, 2014/2/10

A clone to the popular mobile game Flappy Bird

play Solitaire 接龍
plays 7440 / votes 5

Solitaire 接龍

by imacat, 2012/5/26

A simple solitaire game. 簡單的接龍遊戲。

play Chinese Chess 象棋
plays 6014 / votes 6

Chinese Chess 象棋

by imacat, 2013/3/17

A practice to implement rules of Chinese Chess. 練習象棋規則的實作撰寫。

play Light 點燈遊戲 完整版
plays 5084 / votes 1

Light 點燈遊戲 完整版

by imacat, 2012/6/16

點燈遊戲 完整版

play Greeps
plays 4757 / votes 3


by imacat, 2012/6/20

The Greeps competition

play Blackjack 21點
plays 4729 / votes 1

Blackjack 21點

by imacat, 2012/5/27

A simple blackjack game. 簡單的21點遊戲。

play Light 點燈遊戲
plays 4158 / votes 3

Light 點燈遊戲

by imacat, 2012/6/16


play Sparkling Piano 閃閃星光鋼琴
plays 3956 / votes 2

Sparkling Piano 閃閃星光鋼琴

by imacat, 2012/12/3

A sparkling piano. 鋼琴的改編版,閃閃星光。

play Mine Sweeper 踩地雷
plays 3797 / votes 2

Mine Sweeper 踩地雷

by imacat, 2013/4/11

Windows Mine Sweeper 踩地雷遊戲

play Snake 貪食蛇
plays 3768 / votes 0

Snake 貪食蛇

by imacat, 2012/6/7

A simple game for learning Linked Lists. Linked List教學用的小遊戲。