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Sure, check it out next weekend :--)))


Nice colors too :)
My turn to do OOps, I uploaded the latest version now, still a Game in progress though.
Once I was triggered by the Windows-95-starfield-screen-saver to make my own. However your 3D Starfield beats mine. I like it :--)))
Thanks my friends for giving me your little tokens of appreciation, Soon I'll upload a new one for you to play :--)))
Hey I like your game (altough I didn't play all the levels... yet). Lol, due to its length the title alone can compete with for instance "The siege and investiture of baron von Frankenstein's castle at Weisseria".


Thank you poink, actually I'm working on a project that could make math a lot more fun for the youngsters :--)))


Count on that hotrails :---))


I think I got the message :-) Now I wonder wether I should recompile all my scenarios with 2.1.1 and upload them all again.