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They look like the pictures on the old magnetic sets ( where each piece was a flat disk ).
I love the look of the notes on the roll. What a great idea.
Incredible! Beautiful!
I am re-visiting this foray into programming. This was So much fun to learn! I don't know what happened to the front door, though. When I turned it in ( as my final project in Intro to Programming), you had to click on the front door to open it, before you could go outside. Now all you have to do is exit the top of the screen and there you are. I wonder what happened.
I Love this. It's exactly what I want to do with Lana'sHouse.
Nevermind--just read post to use 'UserInfo' as name.
When I download this in Greenfoot, it doesn't compile. Did you remove a class or variable called PlayerData? Strange that it works in the browser, but not on download. Looks like a very helpful demo of menus.
Really impressive!
This is fantastic!