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I thought that the users who haven't logged in, can also create account in it
I know that its cleary said that ""You can register an account once you are logged in on the Greenfoot website"" But I realised it just now If u don't mind i would like u to add timer class in taskbar
No but a fan of Michael;)
@RcCookies, thank you very much for the tutorial!!! But for the time being i m improving something else So will u be able to ask it after 4-7 days later(if u don't mind) and after adding tutorial i don't think that i will find any problem By the way what do u mean by 'Sicher dass du aus DE kommst?'
Will u plz allow me to copy your login mechanism I want to add it on my 'dawn of tanks' for those who haven't created account If u don't mind can i copy it ;)
R u really frm Germany?
Translate this one and not the above one मैं आपका भाषा नहीं समझ सकता
आपका भासा समाज में नहीं आया
Michael Kolling's 2nd account like ur scenario mechanism very much!!!