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Um... The game doesn't work.
Very nice dad! I like it! I can't wait for the next version!
@mjrb4: on the internet is the game slower and than is 5 lives a bit too much, 'cause it's too easy. I'm working to make that you can set in the menu screen the difficult e.g. a barrier or bouncy balloons or that you must clear all the rows and than come new balloons. I'm working to make all this better and the balloons with static images, but if I make the images static, all classes with 'animatedActor' as super-class, all classes have the same picture. @polle: You can reset the game, but it doesn't begin in the menu room and some classes doesn't work properly. I think I'll make a return button to the menu screen. Sorry for my bad English.
PoppiJump is again updated to version 0.0.3. See the text above the PoppiJump applet for updates.
PoppiJump is updated. You can move your Poppi with 'a' and 'd' and the arrow keys now.
I've added 2 new feed (chips and pizza). I think it's now easier to play. I've also changed the dead sound and if your score is below 100 you heard after the dead sound a laugh and if your score is higher than 500 you heard after the dead sound another sound. I'm busy to find a good sound that I can play if your poppi ear some food...
I've made the game a bit better to play. I'm busy to make more different feed and different points by each food.
Nice game and nice Graphics. I like it!
Thanks! I'm busy to make it nicer and better to play.