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I found a bug; I hit a molecule and somehow was pushed up into some land. I then floated upwards inside the land until I walked out.
It's in .wav but appears to lag if played with the main game. I shortened the length of the music files but it didn't really help.
No, there isn't anything after that arrow yet. Level 3 isn't complete but I wanted to upload the latest version anyway.
Nice! My ecobear scenario uses a much more complex method of scrolling, which isn't as smooth.
I will have to remedy that. I tried MP3 but it said it wasn't supported. Any suggestions?
In later versions the snakes will be involved in some sort of anti-enviromental scheme.
According to the java web site: 'For &, the result value is true if both operand values are true; otherwise, the result is false.' If I have understood this wrong please correct me. What I want to do there is if Die != 1 and Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(3) == 1, the stuff inside the '{, }' brackets goes, and not if only one or neither of them equal these values. I may be doing something wrong here, please tell me if I am.
Yeah, I will work on that, but I believe that it was the method I used before to allow that which broke it.
Awesome! I can't figure out how to move anything any direction other than forwards and backwards. How do you move them up and down the map?