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I like the new ships, but perhaps you could make the area a little larger, make the fighters a little larger and add the target lock back in.
Why can't I turn on the starfield, or the trig thing? Also, When You fire the lasers, they are green when they are first craeted and then turn yellow.
You have to add actors.
I love the new updates! When this becomes a real game, the new 'Super-speed' bullet method could be an upgrade and could be achieved by holding mouse 1. Also, you could add asteroid HP, relative to asteroid size.
I have noticed that the asteroids now look as if they have been split in two. What happened to the old model, I preferred that.
And down to decelerate :p
I like the new version, but could you either make the speed of the ship faster, make the asteroids closer, or add a warp key? It take waaaay to long to reach them. Also, enemy ships would really liven it up. Perhaps also points, that give you upgrades to weaponry etc.?
Make an object like the blue dot which IS affected by gravity, that would be awesome! Also, perhaps a 'Gravity strength' slider for each dot?
Eh? I just blew up all the asteroids, and had nothing to do. Shouldn't there be another level or just an infinite amount?