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There needs to be more numbers coming down at once for it to be like the Matrix, but good work :)
Beaten it :) (btw, you still need to put the source up)
Nevermind, just realised.....
Doesn't work for me, when I copy all the code I need, in Darkness.class, in private void UpdateImage() where it says: "World world_ = (world)getWorld();" in (world) it says "cannot find symbol- class world" when you compile it.
It MAY be because I'm using an older Greenfoot, the Greenfoot I'm using when trying to open it is on my school network, and programs never get updated on it.... So yeah, it's probably that... I was trying to see how you did the scrolling, I can't do it myself >:(, oh well....
This is great!! But you know the source code doesn't work right? (doesn't for me)