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Hi imacat, I was translating Greenfoot's API these days. I hered that you have done that before. May I have yours as a reference?
It‘s not unreadable I think. But it takes a little patience. I think the code for this demo is not for new leaners to read, it just so cool to realize these effects in just 110 lines. @Pointfix, if you want to learn something, there are many demos here, with very complete and good documents here for you to read, just try to search~
Aha, much better. You can build up another scenrio for each step you updated. So those people(mostly new leaners maybe) who fellows your video could figure out how things became better and better.
use"super(int width, int height, int cellsize, boolean bounded);" In your world class's constructor
BTW, I love the way you make the scroll endless. Try to make switch of those platforms out of the bound of the world. You can use
x-direction movement should only happen when the player press the key, not always, and the jump speed is too fast. Try to make things smooth. Any way, very good documentation for new leaners! :-D
nice~ I want more kinds of guns.
Conveyor and droppybricks is comming ~