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Nice job and it's very nice of you to share the source with us Looked into your soure code, I think if you can really make subclasses extend from their fathers, your program will become much clear and efficiency :P
"So u cant just hit "a" hit "d" then hit "a" again to blink left. " It just don't work~ No matter how rapidlly you change between "a" and "d" blink won't take place
no “a” and “d” are separated. hit down "a" will initialize “d”'s timing
it also happens in this situation: you hold "a" to move left, then you let "a" up but hit it down again in a very short time(less than 0.15 sec)
@gusbus123 Haha, I guess U have just Blinked( maybe "teleport" could be better :P) @erdelf thx for explaination~
@danpost your advice has been realized~
Very nice advice, I'd upgrade it~