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Except, you can't paste text into an applet, and applets don't have permission to load images from other sites!
Please ask on the forum (the "Discuss" link). :)
SPower, thankyou, but the code is how it is for a reason - I wanted all the important parts to be in one place (the ReaderWorld class). That's because this is intended as a simple demonstration / example - it's not meant to serve as the basis for anything else. And no offence, but I really don't need tips on Object Oriented design. I've been doing this a looooong time. ;-)
It's... meant... to... be. It's... a... tutorial.
"It will take about 20 seconds"? I think it takes almost exactly 10 seconds :)
That depends on what you mean. You can't write to files in a scenario that's uploaded here to; you can with scenarios that you run within Greenfoot or export as an application. Please ask in the discussion forum if you want help with that.
There's a bug in your Lana class, line 54: walkL2 = new GreenfootImage("walkL2.png "); There is a space at the end of the filename. That's why it doesn't work!
Hmm, the menu at the beginning seems broken now. "Load" does nothing, and "Credits" asks for a level code...
In the Sequence class.