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SPower/D.P.Yoshi, This isn't really the right place to have such a discussion. shahparacha is gone, he broke the rules and was banned, end of story.
We can't really just delete scenarios on the basis that they copied someone else, simply because they may have actually had permission to do so. In cases where there is an unauthorised re-upload (which we are aware of because the original author notifies us) then we'll do something about it, and warn the offender not to do it again; if they do, we can take further action (such as banning them from the site). Regarding what it means to upload your source: I have gone over this in a discussion post elsewhere, but by choosing to upload your source code, you're not automatically giving others permission to re-use it. I think it would be a shame if people didn't share their source because they were worried others were going to claim it as their own. To re-iterate: if someone uses your code without your permission, please report it to us.
Whose scenario is this a copy of? Do they want to make a complaint?
I have changed the title to remove an offensive word.
davecoolkid: as danpost says 'getWorld()' returns a 'World', but in the line of code you specify the variable is of type 'Space'. The compiler doesn't let you assign just a World to a Space variable (even though the World *might* be a Space). In this case we know that the world definitely *is* a space, so we use this type cast to tell the compiler that it's ok. A simple experiment you can do is to remove the type cast (the "(Space)" part) and try to compile. What happens?
Erdelf, if you have taken code from another scenario you should credit it appropriately.
m_p_v_13: I think you're suggesting that one scenario store something in the UserInfo database so that another scenario can read it. This won't work unfortunately, as all scenarios effectively have their own database - one can't read from the database of another.
Spower, the picture you have is a raycast projection of a 2D world, yes, but you can use raycasting for 3D worlds as well. The difference as I understand it is whether reflections and light sources are taken into account. See the wikipedia entry:
"Raycasting is also simulating rays, but they just stop when they hit something and the rays are casted in a 2 dimensional world." Not correct; raycasting is usually used in a 3D world. Both ray tracing and ray casting map a view of a 3d world to a 2D surface (the screen).