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Duta's Scenarios

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play Alien Invasion
plays 1679 / votes 1

Alien Invasion

by Duta, 2014/7/22

Kill the attacking aliens before they kill you!

play Racing
plays 1796 / votes 1


by Duta, 2013/7/6

Race around a track!

play Multiple levels example
plays 5917 / votes 1

Multiple levels example

by Duta, 2013/6/12

An example of how to implement multiple levels

play Cloth Physics
plays 3796 / votes 18

Cloth Physics

by Duta, 2013/1/9

Simulation of cloth physics

play Copter
plays 3892 / votes 7


by Duta, 2012/3/3


play 3D Model File Loader
plays 3641 / votes 9

3D Model File Loader

by Duta, 2013/4/28

Load .obj files of 3D models into Greenfoot!

play Timer Example
plays 5958 / votes 2

Timer Example

by Duta, 2013/4/27

Example of simple timers

play Spellz PRE-ALPHA
plays 1564 / votes 3


by Duta, 2013/4/17

A scrolling combat/strategy/puzzle game with some added magic.

play 3D Renderer
plays 4416 / votes 7

3D Renderer

by Duta, 2013/3/9

Greenfoot 3D Rendering

play Terrain
plays 1568 / votes 2


by Duta, 2013/1/15

3d terrain viewer