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Duta presents ...



Just a little game I made this evening to let off some steam (the results from my final exams come in 12 hours time!).

Accelerate: W
Brake: S
Turn: A/D

Currently, you can cheat by not going all the way round the track (and in fact, you don't even have to cross it in the correct direction for it to count as a lap), which I would fix but it's 2:31 AM and so I'm going to go and sleep.

Just, try not to cheat too hard. :)

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Tags: game simulation physics demo car cars racing

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Nice streak marks. Are they actors, or did you draw it onto the background image?


They're drawn onto the background image :)
You can glitch it by crossing the line, turning 180 degrees, and crossing the line again. I'm good at finding glitches. The DoctorProfessor is out!
That was the "Cheat" he was talking about in the description.
My post was why he put it there ;-) The DoctorProfessor is out!
He said there was a way to cheat before you said that...
oh. I guess I didn't read it all that clearly. I must have only noticed it after I posted that comment. I'm really not much of a DoctorProfessor am I... The NotMuchOfADoctorProfessor is out...

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