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Would you be offended if I did a rewrite of your code? I wouldn't upload it to Greenfoot, just as an experiment in refactoring code for clarity/readability.


They're drawn onto the background image :)
Upupzealot, if you're interested I did a rewrite of this scenario:


You ask at the end of the game so far whether the language is ok - in answer, yes, it's good! I've wrote up a file with some (mainly really minor) changes: Also, there appears to be some bugs: - Health doesn't regen to full if you press 'Reset' - You don't lose your weapons if you press 'Reset' The second bug was really fun, because I managed to get the gun, press 'Reset', and then shoot people in the kitchen! xD Though I haven't looked at your code, I assume you're storing health and guns as static variables - the problem with this is that Greenfoot doesn't reset static variables when you click 'Reset' - they're only reset when (on the website) the page is refreshed or (in Greenfoot) the scenario is recompiled. This is an easy fix though - just make it so that in whatever code is being executed to set up the initial world, (a constructor) just reset the static variables there. However, it might be better to change to a more OOP approach, where the health/weapons variables aren't static.
-_- I know. The game *isn't the point* of this...


So, I found a bug: I don't know if I should comment how it works or not - if you say your email address I could mail you how it's done? It's just if I comment it then the highscores will get really mucked up.
I remember noticing this ages ago, but I can't remember if I ever commented to say that it's awesome :P If you fall through the floor, it crashes. Managed to make something fun out of that though:
Can I suggest a couple changes? I did a rewrite of the Typing class: Mostly it's just making the code prettier, but there's also a couple "proper" changes: - Fixes a crash when backspace is pressed (if you press it before typing anything) - Changes weird behaviour with spacebar handling I also didn't understand your typing speed calculation, so I changed it to the "normal" one: wpm (words per minute). But yeah, I just wanted to make a suggestion and fix the crash.
I haven't got any 3D games uploaded, but I do have some 3D scenarios.