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Well, my scenario just got a lot first my plan was to put a 32 pixel wide border around the edge of the screen, but then I started noticing that some people's scenarios had actors that could move beyond the edge of the world and I was like "wait a second..". Thanks!
How do you get the actors to move smoothly off the screen like that? Whenever I try to setX() at a point beyond the screen, they just stay at the sides. I have to remove them but then at the edge of the screen it looks choppy.
Hmm, I upgraded to a new computer and now this doesn't work.. very odd.
How did you get the actors to go offscreen smoothly like that? I can't seem to do that in my scenarios.
@bourne your graphics scenerio is pretty sweet. And thanks for the encouragement everybody! I gotta back off working on this for a little while to do some other things, but I really like the positive responses I've gotten so far, so I'll definately be making some updates in the next couple weeks.
I think this runs better slightly better on the website than it does in greenfoot on my computer, weirdly enough (on my computer it would pause after I clicked run, but here it doesn't seem to do that).
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm still adjusting stuff. Considering a scheme where the position of the player on the screen depends on where you are in a level, that is, it changes from place to place but not sure if I will actually implement it yet or not.
BTW press "a" to jump, "s" to fire I forgot to put that in the description