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very interested to see the finished version.
Animating a decent looking conveyor belt is proving to be suprisingly difficult.
I gotta say, I'm glad I uploaded the source, because I accidently erased the second level, and I haven't backed up my project in a while! Whew.
Like some other things in there, it is part glitch and part intentional. The origonal Megaman games, if I remeber correctly, only allowed 2 projectiles to be on the screen at one time. I made it 3 for my scenario, but sometimes if you are shooting an enemy or shoot to the left, the projectiles disappear fast enough for there to be continous fire. Right now the game mostly keeps the character in the lower left portion of the screen. Ultimately, I plan to have the screen position itself a bit dfferently in different parts of a level, but I haven't added it yet.
whoops did the url thing wrong but anyway the link is (the other link won't work)
Instead of working on my game today I made a demo video of the gameplay and put it on youtube you can see it [url=] here [/url] if you wanted to see how the gameplay works.
If you are touching a ladder, if you press up or down you will start climing. To get off the ladder, jump.
Keep it up. Be good to see it finished more.
@ Royalblue64 I know, and if it's a problem it wouldn't be a hard thing to fix, however I did that somewhat intentionally because I am modeling this scenario roughly after an old MegaMan game, and in those and many other old 8-bit platformers the enemies would respawn in a similar way.