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Hmm, I think your scenario just gave me an idea.
I like it.
Hmm maybe the slide bug is a little more serious than I thought then. I think it happens because the image changes to different dimensions when you slide and it somehow messes with my code that stops you from going through a brick if you are right up against it. I tried to fix it once before but messed it up somehow, but I'll try it again.
Very interesting and unique sidescroller!
I have no idea why, but when I run this on my computer out of Greenfoot, it's all choppy, but when I run it on the site, it's a lot smoother!
A player can just hold down all 4 keys the whole time, maybe consider some type of timing element.
pretty cool but it stopped working on the third level when I got the key
Alright! 1000 views! I'll put out an update soon I think.
The Boss gets hard to hit towards the end!