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Thanks Entity! Good luck with your game. I always meant to come back to this but the old code is too unorganized and cryptic for me to jump back in without more effort than I want to spend. I would recommend looking into some open source game development libraries or frameworks in whichever language you like if you are serious about making a game, (there's gotta be a bunch) and working with open sourced code will help you become a good programmer. I'm getting there, I feel like!
Here's the source code, the game is still unfinished, it's kinda on the shelf right now. The code might be a little confusing, but have a look and see what you can make of it if you want. Not all the code is that elegant either, but it kinda works for the most part!
Oh sure. I'll upload it. Haven't worked on it in a while, kinda shelved it because I have been so busy. Hopefully I'll get back to it and finish it before I forget how I did everything! I'll see.
Nice AI! I managed to beat in on my 4th try, got kinda lucky really because I didn't exactly plan it, but it got to the point where the only move the AI had gave me a victory.
If you were wondering about the comment, it was just a little joke. Anyway I read MathManiac's comment but I gotta point out frauders already know that credit card numbers use a special formula. It's common knowlege to almost anyone who works with credit cards. But there is still such a huge combination of possible numbers, and they have to match a name and a billing address, and a security code, it's pretty tough to make up a fake credit card without already having access to someone's actual information.
Very Clever...But you won't get my card number that easy!
Interesting scenario I considered making something like this at one point. Are you going to develop it more?
You ever see "The Men who stare at goats?" Ofc if the CIA wanted to buy my game to interrogate terrorists I would happily sell, the govt can pay pretty well sometimes. That aside if it is too hard to play I don't mind toning it down in future updates. Ofc I can beat the second level without getting hit ..well, some of the time...