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drhorriblejr's Scenarios

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play Ninja Arcade Multiplayer 2
plays 150 / votes 0

Ninja Arcade Multiplayer 2

by drhorriblejr, 2021/4/20

A not very anticipated sequel to the first one

play Greenmans adventure to earth
plays 1969 / votes 0

Greenmans adventure to earth

by drhorriblejr, 2012/4/10

Help greenman escape to his shuttle

play BlockCreator
plays 2361 / votes 0


by drhorriblejr, 2012/4/30

Create Worlds...

play BlockCraft
plays 3647 / votes 1


by drhorriblejr, 2012/5/1

Play in a world with blocks...

play StickZomies
plays 1589 / votes 0


by drhorriblejr, 2012/4/30

Try and cross the path...

play War against pyromancers
plays 1293 / votes 0

War against pyromancers

by drhorriblejr, 2012/4/14

Defend against the pyromancers!!!!

play Jet planes infinity
plays 2187 / votes 0

Jet planes infinity

by drhorriblejr, 2012/4/12

Fly a jet plane!

play DRH'sNewbiestartup
plays 2951 / votes 2


by drhorriblejr, 2012/4/11

For new coders

play CodeBattles
plays 2712 / votes 0


by drhorriblejr, 2011/11/17

Type in codes to get cool stuff!

play Scrolling test
plays 1914 / votes 0

Scrolling test

by drhorriblejr, 2012/2/9

Just a test