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This game is awesome! It took me nearly 50 minutes to play the story, till you have it now! :) But I've got a question: How are the colors generated? Cause I saw, that USBest is blue in his chest preview. But I'm always orange regardless of how many times I restart the game.
I like the sound... I like the graphics... I like the game.... But the control is really very awful!!!
I've lost in Level 13 in the hardest mode! :D
There is a bug! The Ice Tower don't costs anything... And I would say, 100 for the Ice Tower would be much too expensive! The Ice Tower even Shoots very slow...
Is that the Scrollworld, your scenarios AnimalFight and FishScroll are based on?
I managed all levels! :) I loke it how the levels are build up on each other!
That's nice! :D
I've bet the Computer! :D
That's nearly the same like CaveMen, isn't it?