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nice idea but you can make it better
nice game! if you release proton wave and going forward at the same time the game is getting slower i suggest you to make sure you don't write to many things in public act
replay to sunkist it happend to me in 70
it is such a fun game though i notice that sometimes the food is half in half out plus the snake is really thick sometimes the food is on the snack.
really nice game! though i didn't like that if you collide with the world edge you turn into one direction even if it is the opp. of where you want to go. i really love the ants and all the animal bonuses very orriginal. but why at some point i have many flies?


another thing. i love the idea that the worms are moving but i found out that if you don't touch the bonus in the center of the object you don't get it.
akuhano is right you need to put a game over screen after you hit a bomb.


you need to make something that tells you that th no lobster bonus only stops the lobster and you are not allowed to touch it.


love the goast and the boost but why does the no lobster bonus isn't helping.