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Can you guys tell me how far you guys get in levels? I've tried making it as balanced as I can but I never tested past level 3 so that's uncharted territory XD Tell me if you find the end of the world. Also, any more suggestions? I still have to make the multiple submarine types, add more sounds, implement a constantly-changing background picture, and fix the Reset bug (you have to refresh the page if you want to reset the game >< ), but I feel like there's so much more that can be done...
Very fun game :D And I love the way you combined two different scenarios into one XD Very creative Other than what everyone else mentioned, the game keeps going after you get a Game Over and you become invincible lol I don't know if you did that on purpose or if its even that bad; it's actually kind of fun (I only got to level 3 D: )
Hm... I haven't thought of that. I was going to implement the levels with individually set up levels, but your idea of continuous leveling sounds much cooler and much more challenging ^^, Thanks for the idea delmar
Thanks for the awesome ideas guys. I've already begun implementing some of them and definitely planning for all of them.
Thank you davmac. I probably would have never figured that out on my own XD.
That's odd... All the files needed are there. It works perfectly fine when I run it in Greenfoot. For some reason it's not working on the website...