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Finn Kerr


i also got to lvl 20 (easy mode) the game lags significantly >< boss could be harder X) and having 4 greepships appear at once is overkill XD (unless you meant it that way o.o) if i may, i suggest you take a little time to optimize. you have ample features and while they make your game simply INCREDIBLE, you have to find (a) way(s) to make sure your game will run smoothly. also another suggestion: the codes for levels, either implement a pause function (ie press P to pause thing) or have them easily memorable (ie actual words rather than codes) also, i'm guessing the powerups appear with a getRandomNumber(constant), but don't forget that as there are more asteroids in higher levels, the number of levelups become almost ridiculous (i had a 4 shot purple very bold star thingy that obliterated everything in its path sadly there was too much everything XD) go through all the text displays and revize grammar (something in the lvl 20 intro if i remember correctly) also you're getting that same problem again with the level code entry thing: the text boxes are like overlapping or something and it looks kinda unprofessional (i know for you you're at a point so far ahead that i can say "doesn't look professional" without seeming too critical :)) But other than those, the game seems pretty well balanced pre-lvl20 and the story line is good if a bit sparse. I also love how the BGimg changes in the second "season"
Finn Kerr


>< WOW this is CRAZY!!! Good work ^^