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it is frustrating, if you are knowing, what to do, but it didn't work. So the frist 30 times I didn't get to the first switch by jumping, and suddenly I got it. But I didn't do anything in a nother way. after don't getting how the 4 switches work or not work to get the spring working, it was enought for me. Also some animation parts a not working very well, like the rock which kills you suddenly without warning after the helicopters. I think there is potential, but maybe you make your game less frustrating. You can design hard levels when the game mechanics and physics are work well and not when the player don't understand if it is a hard decision from you or is it a bug.
it would be glad, if I could use the space key and arrow keys also in the menu instead of the mouse, because I am not able to use the mouse in the game itself.