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mjrb4's Scenarios

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play Target #2
plays 8662 / votes 8

Target #2

by mjrb4, 2009/1/1

Aim for the target and the balloons!

play Java quiz
plays 13382 / votes 7

Java quiz

by mjrb4, 2009/5/7

Test your Java knowledge!

play Noughts and Crosses Challenge
plays 5116 / votes 0

Noughts and Crosses Challenge

by mjrb4, 2008/7/31

Code the computer AI!

play Target
plays 8461 / votes 12


by mjrb4, 2008/5/29

Fire arrows to pop balloons and hit the target.

play FPS
plays 9235 / votes 3


by mjrb4, 2008/9/10

An approximation of the FPS (frames per second) of a scenario.

play Snooker
plays 8977 / votes 9


by mjrb4, 2008/5/28


play Bounce
plays 9072 / votes 13


by mjrb4, 2008/7/17

Bounce the ball to the goal

play The easiest game in the world
plays 9002 / votes 4

The easiest game in the world

by mjrb4, 2009/4/30

If you can't do this...

play Card Demo
plays 8945 / votes 7

Card Demo

by mjrb4, 2009/4/22

Basic card demo

play Solitaire
plays 6922 / votes 4


by mjrb4, 2009/4/23

A Greenfoot implementation of a classic card game