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Simple yet addictive...
Nice twist on breakout, I like it! A lot harder to determine where the ball might end up on this one...
Quite tricky, I didn't get very far - perhaps make the rocket respond a bit more gradually? Or am I just getting old? :-)
Nice start - have you thought about using the arrow keys to control acceleration rather than speed? It might give it a smoother feel.
Just managed to win with a score of 485 (though the score in the bottom left says 486!)
Great idea - I had difficulty shooting the heads in time though, it's really quite difficult at the moment!
Nice! You could perhaps make it a bit more difficult though by limiting where the ants can go in the world and having them bounce back more if they hit the side of the screen by the trousers?
Nice, played through to the end!
Good basis of a game here (though the character moves rather quickly!)