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Greenfoot back

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Is there any way to contact you? Except for posting here in the gallery? ;)
Congratulations! Once again you stole a scenario, this time it is "Music Maker" from PiRocks. You should at least give him credits in your scenario description <.<
Excuse me, but I do not want my codes to be public. If you are interested in the behavior of my turrets, I can send you the parts of the code you are interested in.
43, ha :D!
Yeah, i fixed this bug in v.0.08.
Nothing yet, but I'm working on new levels!
You took the balloons scenario that comes with Greenfoot and changed the background? <.<
@im_a_cat_irl: This is not a game but a demo. You must be really weird if you like to play this ;p!
I like the game but let me give you a little hint: If you make the images for your explosion static, they won't cause the game to freeze every time one enemy explodes ;)!