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Adventure Game Collision

By RedPhoneBooth, with no replies.
Hey, I have just spent like 30 minutes working on a simple adventure game, its looking pretty good but now ive been stuck for a while with collision detection. I decided to make the cells 1 pixel so I have the freedom to make good looking and complicated scenery but the problem is I want the player to be able to go under bridges or partially under trees and stuff like that. So far everything ive tried just ballzed stuff up, so like I was wanting like a specific solid area for each object that I could "draw" into the world. Btw, im using the getX, getY, and setLocation methods for movement. Thx for the help! PS: Also, ive decided to scrap the idea of scrolling and go old school, u know, like the games where each screen was a new "area" that was mainly static and had the player walk from tile to tile, but how would I do somthing like that? I could have like shittons of World Classes and like switch between each one, but I could also just switch the background image between a two dimensional array in one world class, I might do that, but if you have any ideas... PPS: Sorry for the triple whammy of questions but I wouldn't mind creating multilayer as well, although I have no clue how to do so, how do you code servers and stuff like that? just give me the basic knowledge so I can decide weather its worth my time and effort to do cause that would be really fun but I imagine really hard to do. oh well, ill focus on single player for now.